I enjoy sharing my artwork on social media. This is a selection of my recent posts. As well as showing my skills as an artist and book cover designer, I enjoy sharing the success stories of the authors that I have worked with. I have received many fantastic success stories. It fascinates me to see how these books take on a life of their own. If my book cover designs can help in some small way to promote these authors and their books, then that makes me a very happy book cover artist.

My social media updates have not been very infrequent in recent months, but for good reason. I have been busier than ever, so I feel extremely fortunate. I’m working on some illustrated children’s books right now, as well as some cover designs, so do keep checking my website for those updates as they happen. I hope my Author and Artist friends out there are keeping healthy, and are able to work. I’m sure those with children are finding it very challenging to find the time to be creative. I imagine there are many that are devoting their creativity to educate the kids and to keep them engaged. I don’t envy your task! But keep up the good work.

I have always worked from home, so Lockdown hasn’t been too different for me. I must say, being busy and having something to focus on has helped me immensely. As well as the positivity of working in a creative way, being away from the TV means I’m not checking the news every few minutes. These are certainly strange times, but we should all stay positive, and focus on what is important within your household. Spend plenty of time outdoors, and find ways to have fun. Having said that, it is thunder and lightning outside as I write this…well the grass certainly needs the rain! All the best for now to my creative friends out there. Keep on doing what you do best, and I hope we can work together sometime soon. I will make a concerted effort to update my blog through this busy time, and I look forward to working with you all soon.
All the best, Sam x