Sam Wall, Book Cover Designer and Illustrator

I’m a book cover designer, artist and illustrator based in the UK. I enjoy working directly with the author to create unique bespoke artwork that is professionally formatted and ready to publish. My art and design services cover a variety of areas. As well as print ready covers, I also create eBook designs, which are professionally formatted and ready to publish. I also have regular requests for logos, business card designs, and general illustrations that are requested for a variety of reasons. Whatever your art and design requirements, I’m looking forward to working with you.

Book Cover Designs

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About the artist

I have been a freelance book cover designer for 16 years, beginning the same year that I completed my Illustration degree. After some research, I quickly found a niche in the market for bespoke illustrated book cover designs. At the time, it seemed typical that artists would create the art, and the designers would incorporate that artwork into their design. This seemed rather convoluted to me, and could easily lead to problems with the overall design due to important aspects of the artwork being covered by the text, or unexpected cover sizes that crop the artwork in a way that wasn’t intended. It makes much more sense to have a single designer that is also a professional artist. So, I decided that I could fill this gap in the market. There were no real social media websites back then, so I chatted on newsgroups and found a publishing website that was interested in providing me with my own design page. The page quickly got me lots of inquiries from authors, and within a year, I had a nice portfolio of designs and was able to set up my own website. I’m quite proud of some of those early designs, considering that my tools were so much more basic back then. My skills and efficiency have built up over time, and each project produces better and better results. If you are interested in having a book cover created by me, look forward to receiving your email.

The photos below are some of my author friends proudly promoting their books in different ways. They have all been a real joy to work with, and I love keeping up to date with their progress. I feel proud to be a part of their story.

“I am delighted with my book covers and would not hesitate to recommend Sam to anyone.” -Cathy Farr 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking on this monumental project and putting my thoughts and concepts to life with my book’s pages.” -Robert B. Fried 

“It is always a pleasure Sam, thank you for my amazing book covers” –Michelle Holland 

“I was really happy to work with Sam Wall, not solely because she created the perfect picture, iconic! I am also grateful for her bespoke service. She was very patient and professional.” –Amanda Epe


Right now, one of my designs is being voted for on the website We are at number one right now, and close to winning the competition. If you could find a moment to vote, I, and author Michelle Holland would be extremely grateful. All profits from Michelle’s books  go to animal rescue, so any promotion is always gratefully received. Thank you.