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My name is Sam Wall, and I’m a freelance artist illustrator and book cover designer with over 20 years experience. I work closely with the author to create beautifully illustrated book covers that are totally bespoke and really help to sell your book. If you would like a creative and original cover for your book, contact me to discuss your project. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Here are just a few of my happy customers, along with a few words from me describing the project.

Michelle Holland has been a fantastic client and friend throughout the creation of her many book covers. I really enjoyed working on this vast adventure series. There were so many actions scenes within these books, I was spoilt for choice for which to choose! I loved using lots of colour and action to attract a younger teenage audience. The illustrations were challenging, with a different personality for each design. It was important that each design was very different but clearly part of the set. As an artist, I feel a great sense of joy when I look back on these books. I’m very proud of them.
I illustrated a book called “From Generation to…” which was a collection of poems written by the author Robert Fried, who’s grandparents had been through, and survived the holocaust. Sadly, a lot of Rob’s family didn’t survive, so Robert has dedicated much of his life finding out what happened to his relatives, so he could have the information on record for future generations. Much of this information was found by Robert, and is now in this book. He has also provided the information for Museums. As well as illustrating Robert’s poems, I provided an introductory page for the book, and wrote a few words about my experiences working on this project. I wish Robert Fried and his family all the best with telling his family’s amazing story. You can find more information about the book through this link..
This book is a memoir recounting Amanda Epe’s adventures as an air hostess.¬† After Amanda’s initial idea of the Union Jack scarf around her neck flowing as she walks, the rest of the composition came to me quite quickly. I enjoy the idea of Amanda walking with confidence, while the captain crew and even the plane follow. Amanda also wanted plenty of flags in the design¬† to highlight the vastness of Amanda’s travel experience. I thought that was a great idea. I love the simple bold lines, giving the feel of a poster from the 1940s maybe. I knew the composition would work the moment it came to me! That is why I like the design so much.

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