Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand the way I work, and to give you an idea of what to expect when working with me. If you have any additional questions,  please feel free to ask. All prices mentioned below are in UK Pounds Sterling.  I will, however, work in any currency that you prefer.

How much does a book cover design cost?
My price for a single print ready design, for example, can be from £100 for a simple design, up to £500 for more complex artwork. Each project is unique and prices are calculated based on the amount of work required, and how long the design will take.

How do you receive payments?
For UK clients I prefer payment via direct transfer. For clients outside of the UK, I feel that Paypal is the best option. If you prefer another method just let me know…I generally request 50% payment up front, then the second half payment is requested upon completion of the project. For larger more complicated projects, we will discuss different payment structures that will better suit your needs.

How long does a project take to complete?
For example, a single print ready design is typically completed in 1-4 weeks.

What sort of information do you require to start a project?
When you contact me initially, It is always useful for me to read a chapter or two. Even a synopsis will help me to gage the personality of your book. It is also nice to receive any thoughts or preferences you may have on the design.

Do you allow for revisions and changes?
Yes, I will send plenty of updates, right from the early sketching stage, and will always request your input to ensure that you are happy with the progression of your artwork.

What format will my completed work be?
For a print ready design, PDF would be the standard format. I usually send them as flat uneditable files. I can also send you your layered working files if you request them. Completed files are generally sent to Dropbox because the files are often too large to send via email. Some printers prefer Jpeg files for their print-ready books, which is fine too. It is always helpful to know what printer or publisher you are working with, so I can check their preferences. Completed eBook designs are saved in high-resolution Jpeg format. All completed files are 300DPI (dots per inch). This is the optimum resolution for print.

I hope this information is helpful. I will keep updating as new questions arise.