Illustrations by Sam Wall

All of the illustrations featured on this website were created by me. I completed my Illustration degree in 2003. I have been creating bespoke illustrated book cover designs ever since.

Many Illustrators like to stick to a very specific visual style, but I have never worked like that. I always prefer to stay versatile and revise my style to fit each project. I have a very good reason for this, the writers that I work with cover such a variety of subjects, that a one style fits all strategy simply would not work. I need to constantly find new solutions and ways of working that fit each individual project perfectly. There are of course certain procedures that are essential with every project, but I feel that being creative also means being inventive, and constantly trying new things. This way of working also helps to keep my job fresh and interesting. Variety is indeed the spice of life! In the early days of my career, I felt that maybe my weakness as an artist was that I didn’t stick to a style. I now realise, after 16 years of creating for every subject matter that you can think of, that versatility is absolutely vital. After saying all of this, I do feel that there is a part of me that shines through with every design that I create. It stands to reason, although I can’t yet put that aspect into words. I feel so lucky to be in a creative job, and I look forward to every single day. If you would like a unique illustration created for your book, or for any other type of artwork, I look forward to discussing your project in-depth and coming up with a  bespoke design that is perfect for you.