eBook Cover Design

E-book publishing has become very popular in recent years. Why not ensure that your e-book stands out from the crowd with a professional cover design.  I can work closely with you to produce an attractive professional and unique design that will both impress and inspire potential readers to buy your eBook.  Sometimes Authors prefer to supply an image for their book, which is fine.  I will check that the image quality is good enough to use, and make any edits to that image if required.  Please contact me to learn more about the way I work and to discuss the sort of cover that you require.  We can talk through your design ideas in depth, and with your input I will produce a piece of artwork that will be a real showcase for your e-Book.

If you would like to work with an artist that  is versatile and adaptable to any project, contact me for a quote.

Here are just a few of my happy customers, along with a few words from me describing the project.

I have recently completed a book cover design for Author Rick Hubbard. This is his testimonial, received today…

“Self-publishing is fraught with uncountable challenges. Because readers do judge a book by its cover, one of the most important challenges is cover design. Engaging Sam Wall makes this vitally important aspect of publishing much easier. From her reasonable rates, to thoughtfully evaluating and quickly transforming this author’s preliminary notion into an initial draft…through a reasonable sequence of refinements…Sam Wall executed my project with professionalism, expertise, creativity—and economy. In addition to prompt turn-around and informative communiqués, Sam Wall took the time to understand the story and craft design elements which visually complemented the tale. In Sam Wall, I found a fabulous ally who is helping me bring my stories to the marketplace…any author who engages her will confidently find the same.”

Rick Hubbard


“Sam Wall is a very talented cover illustrator…as you can see by the several novel covers she has done for me…and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her. She also did more than 30 wonderful illustrations for my colossal poetry book – “My Sentiments Exactly”

Mark Stellinga

Poetry author

I received a fantastic testimonial from Barrington Zane. I really appreciate having the opportunity to work with Barry. We have worked on a few projects together, and it has been a joy with each project. Here is what the author had to say…

Sam has done book covers for me in the past, back when my book series was still going by the title “The Child of the Sapphire Sun“, before its name change to the “Khalan & Jane” series. I’ve enjoyed working with Sam for each and every cover she’s done for me and I’ve always been more than happy with each of the results. For my recent book and the debut novel of the series, “Khalan & Jane: Arrival at Ahalla“, I asked Sam to illustrate a scene from Chapter 5 of the book, where the three teenage protagonists, the two leads, Khalan and Jane Zhal and Khaius Zalok are inside the Hall of Worlds and they’re gazing at the Hall’s hologram planets emerging from the water floor, including a very familiar-looking planet with its moon… Needless to say, I was very happy with the end result. Sam even managed to get the water floor into the illustration! Like I said, this isn’t the first time I’ve asked Sam to do a cover for me and I would definitely collaborate with her once again and I would definitely recommend her to any other aspiring writers/novelists who need a great book cover created for them. Thanks once again, Sam.


Barrington Zane



“I chose to work with Sam because I saw in her gallery a variety of styles and mediums. As a first-time author, I was a bit nervous to put my feet in, but Sam made the process enjoyable. The journey from my initial idea to a fabulous finished cover flowed from an easy exchange of ideas, a true collaboration that I am quite proud of. When I look at my cover, months later, I still smile.”http://www.amazon.co.uk/Look-Down-struck-terrorists-demons/dp/1490951679/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1379001310&sr=8-2-fkmr0&keywords=g.earnest+smith+Look+down

Eric Quinn Knowles


“When I asked Sam to work on my book cover, my first letter was long and vague, explaining at length about how it should convey inspiration, creativity, peace, the flight of the soul, etc. Poor Sam! Still, she thought about it, and within a few days sent back an image. I was doubtful that anyone could capture what I wanted and was ready for a long back-and-forth about it.

Well, she “nailed it’ on the first try; this image, with a few additions of color and background, is on the final cover. I could scarcely believe my eyes when I first downloaded her attachment- it was magnificent in its simplicity, yet it captured everything I wanted and more. And it was smoothly drawn, seemingly with one journey of the pen. I was struck by how organic the image was; it really made you believe that this person had become a butterfly and had taken flight. Samantha’s genius came through as in all great artists’ work, in how it transcended itself. From the line itself came life, from slight variations in stroke came eloquence. Although I was busy finishing my book and working full-time, I spent a lot of time gazing at this image. It filled me with such peace, and very importantly, with the confidence that I would complete my book and gain readership.

Sam has illustrated another project, after another long letter from me, with equal insight and brilliance. This was a CD cover.

Samantha Wall is a first-rate illustrator, artist, and professional. A cover designer or illustrator must be able to transmit their work to a printer, with all technical requirements, text, barcodes attached. Sam did this easily and without any pain for me. Also, as an author and publisher, I appreciated her willingness to design a logo and internal illustration on short notice. Whatever the job, Samantha Wall completed it graciously, expertly, promptly and with world-class artistry.

My book has been critically well received, but I’m happy to admit that the most frequent comment is “What a beautiful cover!” Well, I guess that says it all, he said at long last”.

Robert Diefendorph

Author of Release the Butterfly

“Being a first time author I found that it involved a lot of work on my part between carrying out research for the book while in the process of writing it at the same time. When it came down to I having to come up with a suitable design for the cover of the book I did have something in mind right from the start and then that something came to reality when I put my thoughts of what I was looking for to Sam. Sam came back to me after a time with her initial drawings and after I suggesting making a couple of minor adjustments to her she came up with the goods. I’m delighted with the final results and I would recommend her work to any aspiring author who would be looking for an illustrator for their work.”

Tim O'flinn

Author of Airgunners

Here is what Mike had to say after working with me…

“Early in 2015 I decided to republish four novels using Create space, and in the process refresh their covers. After reading Sam’s website, particularly the straight forward narrative and her competitive pricing, I asked her to start work on the first book. She produced an initial sketch of her ideas and consulted me on any changes I wanted. The process went through about four stages, culminating in a high resolution print-ready file that I uploaded without any problem. Throughout my dealings with Sam, I found her to be tolerant and very professional. I will be consulting her again to design the cover of a fifth novel I’m in the process of writing. In the meantime I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone with a need for high-quality design. All of the work she did for me during 2015 can be found HERE

Mike Knowles