Logo Design

I love to create colourful and professional logos that really help to attract people to your business or website. Logos and banners are important to give your business an identity and an air of professionalism.  Along with the logo itself, I can also design your business cards, letterheads or any other stationary you may need. I will format everything ready for print according to your printer’s specifications. If you are in need of a logo design or anything related to your business identity, please feel free to contact me for a quote.


Logo Design: Legally Broke

My client had some very strong ideas for this banner. The book is about a young professional being restricted by student debt. I think the concept is communicated quite well.


Logo Design: Forever Love


This logo was created for Dante Craddock in conjunction with his eBook design for  A Love Beyond Time.





Logo Design: Bramley Books

I really enjoyed working on this banner. I’m pleased with how the Bramley apple looks.


Logo Design: Bella Italia Interiors

“Sam created a perfect logo that expressed the look, feel and quality of our new range of Italian home furniture.”



Logo Design: Consciouse Mating

I think the soft colours in this banner work great, and really fit the subject.


Logo Design: Dragon

This logo was for a publisher called Mercia books. I really like this logo.



Logo Design: Javelina Books

This was a logo for javelina books. It is one of my favourite logos. I like the way the back of the chair breaks the boundary of the box.


Logo Design: Lister

Although this design for lister technologies is very simple, I think it works really well. The swirls were just an experiment, but my client really liked them.


Logo Design: Violins

I was just playing around with ideas here, but I think these colours work great together along with the violin silhouette.


Logo Design: Marketing on a Budget

This image shows my designing process for the logo Marketing on a budget. It’s always an enjoyable process to try different concepts. I think the top left design was the one used.


Logo Design: Million Dollar Practice

I really like the metallic texture on the lettering here.



If you would like a design or illustration please contact me for a quote.