Book Cover Design Services

As you can see, my book cover designs are created in a variety of styles to suit each genre perfectly. I enjoy being flexible and ready to tackle each and every unique project that comes along. I like to gain a feel for a book by reading some chapters, and chatting to the author. Once I feel that I know enough, and we have discussed some ideas, I begin sketching. I always keep my clients regularly updated as the design progresses, and frequently ask if any changes are needed. This ensures that the author always feels in control of the design, and helps me know that the design is on track with my client’s requirements. Completed artwork will be professionally formatted and print ready. I am happy to add any extra elements including bar codes and logos. The spine will be carefully and accurately sized according to your requirements.

I regularly receive testimonials form happy clients. I really appreciate authors taking time out to write these. I have also added a few comments of my own about some of the projects.

“This was my first – and hopefully not my last – venture into book publishing and Sam’s help was vital in that process. From the start everything was clear and Sam’s endless and patient co-operation ensured that the finished result was everything that I had hoped for and more. I am delighted with my book cover and would not hesitate to recommend Sam to anyone.” visit the home of the Fellhounds here


Cathy Farr

“Samantha is a creative genius, and really knows how to visually bring a book to life.”

whispers in the Silence

John Dennison

I have just received a fantastic testimonial from Terri Karsten: “I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started looking for a cover designer. What I found in Sam Wall was a perfect fit. She came up with a strong initial design and worked with me through several changes to create a fantastic cover. Her responses were prompt and professional. She not only perfectly captured the vague idea I had, she turned it into a beautiful, vibrant image much better than anything I imagined.  I love the rich colors she chose and the font design for the title. I highly recommend Sam Wall as a cover designer and look forward to working with her on a future project.”

Terri Karsten,

Author of When Luck Runs Out


“I was really happy to work with Sam Wall, not solely because she created the perfect picture, iconic! I am also grateful for her bespoke service. She was very patient and professional.”  –Amanda Epe

amanda-epeAmanda has been tirelessly promoting her book since it was published, and has been winning awards with her writing. You can keep up with her twitter posts here…



Amanda Epe

Fly girl

This is what Karen had to say…

“She’s an incredibly talented artist and illustrator and when I sent her an email inquiring about her process, she emailed me back the next day. I LOVE that kind of service. She worked with us on creating our vision for the book and had lots of great ideas…”

Karen Jerabek

Mini Marriage

“Sam Wall is amazing. For Assassin Awaken, I just threw out a few ideas to her and she came back with a very creative and professional cover. I had only a few suggestions and she was very receptive to all of them. Sam has an incredible ability to visualise an idea then bring it to the digital canvas.”

“For Look Down I simply sent her a crude sketch I had done in my clumsy ham-fisted way and she rendered it into a beautifully detailed full color cover. It required almost no modification at all. I am amazed at Sam’s talent!”

G. Ernest Smith


“Samantha Wall’s ability to turn my abstract ideas into the exact design I needed combined with her prompt turnaround and professional approach made her an invaluable part of the publishing process. I look forward to working with her again.”

Elizabeth Lyons

Ready or not...

clarenceolgibee-alanskessler“Taking my rather vague ideas for a cover, Sam created the excellent artwork I submitted to my publisher for use in designing the cover of my novel. Sam delivered all of the drafts in a timely manner, listening to my feedback, and was a pleasure to work with, her fee reasonable and her manner always professional. I highly recommend her.”


Alan S. Kessler

author, Clarence Oligbee


“Sam turned a simple concept I had into one of the most beautiful covers I’ve ever seen. Everyone to whom I show the book says, “Paul, this is a beautiful book!” If you want a great cover, just give Sam a little information, get in the flow, and watch a beautiful cover come to life. Five stars, Sam!”

Paul Gubany

A return To abundance