I enjoy sharing my artwork on social media. This is a selection of my recent posts. As well as showing my skills as an artist and book cover designer, I enjoy sharing the success stories of the authors that I have worked with. I have received many fantastic success stories. It fascinates me to see how these books take on a life of their own. If my book cover designs can help in some small way to promote these authors and their books, then that makes me a very happy book cover artist.

Two Illustrated Book Cover Designs created for Cathy Farr, including Bridge reader versions

book cover designs for cathy farrI really enjoyed illustrating and designing these two finction adventure novel books. Cathy Farr works tirelessly with many schools across the UK to help with reading and writing confidence. I love learning about Cathy’s projects, and seeing how these books have helped so many children with their reading and writing. This is what Cathy said about working with me… “Sam’s help was vital in the publishing process. From the start everything was clear and Sam’s endless and patient co-operation ensured that the finished result was everything that I had hoped for and more. I am delighted with my book cover and would not hesitate to recommend Sam to anyone.” visit the home of the Fellhounds here

Flygirl, Illustrated Book cover design

flygirl book cover design by sam wallAuthor Amanda Epe has been so busy since I worked with her on this book cover design for Flygirl. Such a talented writer, and with such energy to get her book out there. Her book Fly Girl has also won awards and much acclaim. Amanda gives frequent motivational talks. If you would like to keep updated with Amanda Epe’s activities, you can view her twitter page.  I wish Amanda every success.

Illustration work, animation, showing art techniques

Book Cover design and poetry illustrations for Author Rob Fried

book cover design and illustrations poetry artwork illustratedI recently illustrated a book called “From Generation to…” which was a collection of poems written by the author Robert Fried, who’s grandparents had been through, and survived the holocaust. Sadly, a lot of Rob’s family didn’t survive, so Robert has dedicated much of his life finding out what happened to his relatives, so he could butterflyhave the information on record for future generations. Much of this information was found by Robert, and is now in this book. He has also provided the information for Museums. As well as illustrating Robert’s poems, I provided an introductory page for the book, and wrote a few words about my experiences working on this project. I wish Robert Fried and his family all the best with telling his family’s amazing story. You can find more information about the book through this link.., thank you so much for keeping me updated. Your Grandmother looks so pleased with how the book turned out. Just great!