Professional Book Covers and Artwork by Sam Wall

 I’m a book cover designer, artist and illustrator from the UK. I work closely with authors and publishers from all parts of the world, to create bespoke illustrated book cover designs that really attract the viewer. If you would like to work with an artist that can provide the exact artwork that you require, and at a fantastic price, please contact me to discuss your requirements. I will be happy to send a quote once I receive your information. My artwork covers a variety of areas, including  illustrating  poetry books, children’s books, and designing logos, business cards, and bookmarks. every project is unique. I enjoy being flexible and open to making changes if a project requires it. I am always professional, and will work hard to create the perfect designs and illustrations that you require. I am experienced in formatting files for print, or digital publishing. All artwork is unique and created by me. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started looking for a cover designer. What I found in Sam Wall was a perfect fit. She came up with a strong initial design and worked with me through several changes to create a fantastic cover. Her responses were prompt and professional. She not only perfectly captured the vague idea I had, she turned it into a beautiful, vibrant image much better than anything I imagined.  I love the rich colors she chose and the font design for the title. I highly recommend Sam Wall as a cover designer and look forward to working with her on a future project.”

Terri Karsten

Author of book "When Luck Runs Out"

“Being a first time author I found that it involved a lot of work on my part between carrying out research for the book while in the process of writing it at the same time. When it came down to I having to come up with a suitable design for the cover of the book I did have something in mind right from the start and then that something came to reality when I put my thoughts of what I was looking for to Sam. Sam came back to me after a time with her initial drawings and after I suggesting making a couple of minor adjustments to her she came up with the goods. I’m delighted with the final results and I would recommend her work to any aspiring author who would be looking for an illustrator for their work.”

Robert Diefendorph

Release the Butterfly