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 I’m a book cover designer, artist and illustrator from the UK. I work closely with authors and publishers from all parts of the world, to create bespoke illustrated book cover designs that really attract the viewer. If you would like to work with an artist that can provide the exact artwork that you require, and at a fantastic price, please contact me to discuss your requirements. I will be happy to send a quote once I receive your information. My artwork covers a variety of areas, including  illustrating  poetry books, children’s books, and designing logos, business cards, and bookmarks. every project is unique. I enjoy being flexible and open to making changes if a project requires it. I am always professional, and will work hard to create the perfect designs and illustrations that you require. I am experienced in formatting files for print, or digital publishing. All artwork is unique and created by me. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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rob-fried-advertI recently illustrated a book called “From Generation to…” which was a collection of poems written by the author Robert Fried, who’s grandparents had been through, and survived the holocaust. Sadly, a lot of Rob’s family didn’t survive, so Robert has dedicated much of his life finding out what happened to his relatives, so he could have the information on record for future generations. Much of this information was found by Robert, and is now in this book. He has also provided the information for Museums. As well as illustrating Robert’s poems, I provided an introductory page for the book, and wrote a few words about my experiences working on this project. I wish Robert Fried and his family all the best with telling his family’s amazing story. You can find more information about the book through this link.. Rob, thank you so much for keeping me updated. Your Grandmother looks so pleased with how the book turned out. Just great!

butterflyThis is an Intro page that I created for the book “From Generation to…” I wrote the message to show my appreciation for working on the project, and thought it would be fitting to include an illustration. This is the message that I wrote for the book…
A Message from the Illustrator

It has been a privilege for me to illustrate this book of poetry for Robert Fried and his family. This is not a book about tragedy, but more a book about optimism. Told through the heart felt poetry of a boy, this is a book about triumph over adversity. Robert’s family, along with countless other families suffered so much, but those who survived were strong enough to pick themselves up and make a life for themselves, finding joy in the love of their family, and inspiring future generations with their strength. That boy is now a husband and father who has devoted much of his life to finding out what happened to his family during the holocaust, and to record what he has found for future generations to learn from. I hope my artwork helps to bring the story to life. Robert’s poetry reflects such a range of emotions.  People of all ages need to be able to read this and to understand what this generation experienced, and to never forget the strength of character that got them through.



“This was my first – and hopefully not my last – venture into book publishing and Sam’s help was vital in that process. From the start everything was clear and Sam’s endless and patient co-operation ensured that the finished result was everything that I had hoped for and more. I am delighted with my book cover and would not hesitate to recommend Sam to anyone.” visit the home of the Fellhounds here

I designed and illustrated the book covers “Moon Chase” and “Moon Crossing“. Author Cathy Farr has worked tirelessly to help children to read better, and to build their confidence, through her books and related group projects. Amazing. You can keep up to date with her work through her twitter account. I look forward to working with Cathy on book three.

amandaepe2Amanda Epe has been so busy since I worked with her on this book cover design for Flygirl. Such a talented author, and with such energy to get her book out there. Here book has also won awards. Amanda gives frequent motivational talks, has helped lots of people to get their life on track. If you would like to keep updated wit Amanda’s work, You can view her twitter page.  I wish Amanda all the best with her projects.